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There are a variety of products in our company such as adult disposable underpad, absorbent liner, puppy pad and disposable medical supplies. As disposable medical and supplementary items, they are comprehensively applicable to medical auxiliary service, personal care, incontinence care, maternity care, pet training and dental check. And the outstanding features for these products are easy to use, hygienic and cheap.

In the entire manufacturing process, quality system standards of ISO13485: 2003 are strictly carried out. Product quality is controlled by raw material feed inspection, manufacturing process inspection, finished product inspection and pre-shipment inspection. Inspection records are completely finished and properly preserved, making them easy to trace. As well as that, staff training is carried out as variable-interval basis to strengthen staff skills. In addition to that, every new employee must receive pre-service training including company discipline, fire awareness and related product knowledge.

Automatic frequency conversion production line is made by well-known enterprise in the Chinese health product industry. And the characteristics of this machine are stability, reliability, safety, simple operation, easy maintenance and low defective rate. Daily check of the machine before running, basic maintenance once two weeks and wearing parts replacement every six months are adopted to ensure quality product.