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Shanghai Yuanchang Compound Material Co., Ltd.

Add.: No. 658 Wang'an Road, Waigang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai, P.R. China.
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Main Products
  • Absorbent PadCompared with adult liner, absorbent pad has a stronger absorbing ability for fluids and water because SAP is added in the intermediate layer. As a result, it can also absorb odors because of temperature driving divergent. The special physiological structure makes females vulnerable to bacterial contamination, so requirement for material of skin layer is highly demanding. Non-woven is used in this product and after sterilization, infection and red prickly heat can be avoided. Of course, timely changing of absorbent pad is necessary to keep skin dry and clean and hands should be washed thoroughly before changing ...
  • Absorbent Disposable UnderpadDust –free paper is used in absorbent disposable underpad. The paper, also called airlaid pulp nonwoven, is made of 100% fluff pulp. Firstly, single fiber is turned into a network by air current. Secondly, water-soluble adhesion agent is sprayed on the fiber surface and after bake and reinforcement, cloth is manufactured. This kind of paper has excellent physical properties, such as high elasticity, soft feel, high water absorption and good water retention property. So as the main material for underpad intermediate layer, it is extensively used in sanitary towel, tending napkin pad, die Slipeinlage and baby diaper ...