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Shanghai Yuanchang Compound Material Co., Ltd. is a disposable absorbent medium manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of products including the puppy pad, absorbent liner, disposable medical supplies, and adult disposable underpad. Our single-use products are commonly utilized to care for patients with incontinence or disabilities. Other practical applications include personal care, dental care, and medical auxiliary service. In addition, our doggy and kitty pads may be used to potty train pets. Our products are exported to the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, and South Africa, among other countries and regions.

Our manufacturing process strictly adheres to ISO13485:2003 standards. Dedicated QA professionals are present during raw material acquisition and their job is not complete until the finished products are properly packaged and shipped. Core equipment is checked and maintained daily to ensure proper functionality. In addition, our automatic production line greatly reduces human errors and ensures low defection rates.

While raw materials are normally procured from reliable main sources, we also keep auxiliary suppliers. This allows us to maintain a steady, uninterrupted supply of raw materials at the lowest price. Located in Jiading District, our company is only 50km from Shanghai Port. With convenient land and sea transportation, we can significantly reduce logistic expenses for our clients.

Our company is built on core values. We aim to promote innovation while maintaining an image of responsibility and reliability. We believe simplicity to be the best route in accomplishing our goals quickly and effectively. It is our wish to provide professional services and cost-effective absorbent mediums for disposable applications for our valued clients.

Enterprise History
In the early days of development, our primary concern was satisfying domestic clients. As our company matured, we quickly expanded to accommodate international businesses. Two automatic production lines were added to our manufacturing facilities while the size of our staff increased from 15 to 50. At present, our projected annual disposable absorbent medium output amounts to 120 million units, the equivalent of 168 forty-foot tall cabinets. In 2010, export sales figure reached an approximate 3, 000,000 USD. Business is conducted with the client as our number one priority. We will continue to provide the highest quality adult disposable underpad, disposable medical supplies, and absorbent liner products at the most competitive prices while offering the same professional services that our customers have come to expect.

Main Products
  • Medical Disposable UnderpadMedical disposable underpad can be used in gynecological examination, elderly incontinence, daily care, post-surgery care and professional care of general ward. The material of intermediate layer is fluff pulp and two layers of sanitary paper. For thickened type, superabsorbent polymer is added to avoid leakage by super water absorbing& locking ability. Individual fiber of fluff pulp has the feature of big specific volume, good elasticity and good hygroscopicity. As a result, it can effectively prevent fecal contamination when it is used together with sanitary paper and superabsorbent polymer. There are quite a lot of features of medical disposable underpad. Firstly, it can absorb urine and other body fluids for multiple times to make the surface ...
  • Adult LinerAdult liner can be directly attached on the surface of the under pant or diaper to form a double protection, saving costs. This product is compact and lightweight, so a couple of this product can be carried for use. Besides that, there is no feeling of foreign body when using it. As well as convenience, no special treatment is needed after use, saving a lot of time. Please note that this product should be changed as soon as possible if there is discharge of urine or other body fluids to prevent ammonia rash. Before changing adult liner, skin should be clean and dry ...