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There are 8 different kinds of disposable medical supplies and they all have specific and practical applications. Except disposable washcloth, PE and tissue paper are adopted in all the other seven products, fulfilling functions of raw materials and saving costs for hospitals, clinics and distributors. As well as that, there are many options for our customers to choose. For example, there are two versions of disposable dental bib, small size and big size. Sizes available for disposable bed sheet are 80x100cm and 80x200cm.

In terms of design of dental headrest cover, only potentially polluted area is covered rather than the entire dental chair in similar products, making it cost-effective and convenient. Disposable dental apron, as an expanded edition of 33 x 45cm, has the size of 39 x 50 cm and thus it is suitable for western market. Of courses, colors and patterns of disposable medical supplies can be designed and manufactured according to customers specific requirements.

YuanChang is a professional disposable medical supplies manufacturer in China. Our company provides a variety of products, including disposable dental bib, disposable incontinence underpad, absorbent liner, disposable puppy pad and so on.

Other Products
  • Disposable Puppy PadFor skin layer of disposable puppy pad, soft cotton non-woven is used and contact surface is dry and comfortable because fluid infiltration is quick. Fluff pulp and two layers of sanitary paper are used in intermediate layer. Superabsorbent polymer is adopted in thickened type so the phenomenon of leakage can be completely avoided by super water absorbing and locking ability. Either PP or PE membrane is used in bottom layer to prevent leakage ...
  • Absorbent Liner Pad There are two kinds of absorbent liner pad, LINE03 and LINE03SAP. Even though they have the same size, their weights are quite different because 4g SAP is added in LINE03SAP. As a new type functional polymer material, SAP can absorb water which is equivalent to hundreds or even thousands times of its own weight. Besides that, it also has excellent water retention property so it is very hard to extract water again even with pressure after hydrogel is formed. As updated version of LINE 03, LINE03SAP can absorb fluid for multi times ...