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Puppy pad can be divided into disposable puppy pad and disposable cat pad. Because pup and adult dogs have different sizes, 12 different pads are available for puppy. For cat pad, there are two different kinds. Out of love for pets, people always take their pets in bed, car or even their friends' home. However sometimes pets pee without any sign and their owners have to clean up the mess situation. With our product, this situation can be perfectly resolved. As well as that, it is very easy to carry, without adding more burdens to your bag, and it is OK to be put in car or bedroom for use.

More attention should be paid for using this product. This product shouldn't be used when dog is grinding teeth or without tending of human. As disposable item, repeated use is not allowed. As well as that, plastic bags and disposed product should be kept away from pets to prevent swallowing or tearing apart. Flush is prohibited and puppy pad can burn if exposed to flame or other source of ignition. It can't be used in cribs as well.

YuanChang is a professional puppy pad manufacturer based in China. We offer various types of products such as disposable puppy pad, disposable cat pad, adult liner, hospital disposable underpad and incontinence underpad.

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