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Disposable Cat Pad

Soft cotton non-woven is used in skin layer of disposable cat pad so contact surface is dry and comfortable because fluids can infiltrate quickly. Multiple layers of sanitary paper are used in intermediate layer. As well as that, superabsorbent polymer or baking soda can be added to increase its ability of absorbing water and cleaning odor. Material of bottom layer is PP so leakage can be prevented. This product can make training of cat easier and more convenient. As well as that, rubber band of this product can firmly fix it on the surface of litter box, making changing and cleaning more hygienic and easy.

Detailed Specifications
Product No For cat little pan's size Total Weight Qty/pcs Package Detail
Large 47 x 37.5 x 12cm Customized CustomizedCustomized
Jumbo 55 x 42 x 15.5cm CustomizedCustomizedCustomized

Disposable cat pad can also be customized according to specific needs, including layer of sanitary paper, SAP, baking soda and packaging. Market for this product is huge because more and more people are raising cats out of love or pressure release. Of course, besides cat, this product is also applicable to dog, rabbit and lizard, etc.

We are a specialized disposable cat pad manufacturer, based in China. We offer a broad range of products, including disposable puppy pad, disposable dental apron, absorbent liner pad, medical disposable underpad and so on.

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