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Absorbent liner can be used gynecological examination, awaiting delivery, puerperium, after-surgery and professional care of general ward. This product can be divided into four different products, including adult liner, absorbent pad, absorbent liner pad and disposable liner. For composition of these products, they are three layers, skin layer, intermediate layer and bottom layer. For skin layer, soft cotton non-woven is used and contact surface is dry and comfortable because of its superior instant absorbing ability. Except adult liner, thickened intermediate layer of the other three products is made of superabsorbent polymer. Due to super water absorbing and locking ability, the phenomenon of leakage can be completely avoided. The material of bottom layer is either PP or PE membrane and clothing and bedding contaminated by infiltration of urine and other body fluids can be prevented, thus washing workload of health care workers and family members can be dramatically reduced. Suitable for daytime application, this product is very convenient to use.

A lot of features make absorbent liner stand out. In the first place, it is very easy to use and hygienic. Secondly, super-absorbent has large fluid-absorbing capacity so it can absorb urine and other body fluids for multiple times to maintain a dry surface. As well as that, leak-proof barrier with side walls can provide enhanced leak protection. And extra-soft cloth-like top layer can add more comfort for customers. Thirdly, clean air can be ensured by rapid absorbing excrement and quick cleaning unpleasant odors. Last but not least, built-in adhesive tape and extra-wide liner are adopted to make this product safer.

The operation of this product is very simple. Open the package in the first place and take out the product. After removing glue strips, this product can be attached directly on diaper or underwear for use.

To avoid burning, this product is not supposed to be exposed to flame or other source of ignition. As well as that, flush is not allowed and this product can't be used in crib. Last but not least, plastic bags should be kept away from children and pets.

Absorbent liner is launched for incontinence people, the elderly and pregnant women. Adult liner, absorbent pad and absorbent liner pad are more suitable for people who are able to change diapers independently. To the contrary, disposable liner is usually used in paralyzed patients.

Adult liner and absorbent pad have the same compact size of 10 x 28 cm, so they are hardly been seen when are used in underpants and they can be changed quickly in washing room. Size is increased in liner pad and disposable liner to accommodate more excreta and prevent leakage under large volume fluids. So selection of product should be based on specific needs. For each kind of product, unique packaging is designed to facilitate transportation.

YuanChang is a professional absorbent liner manufacturer in China. The wide range of products we offer includes absorbent liner pad, hospital disposable underpad, disposable puppy pad, incontinence underpad and so on.

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