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Absorbent Pad

Compared with adult liner, absorbent pad has a stronger absorbing ability for fluids and water because SAP is added in the intermediate layer. As a result, it can also absorb odors because of temperature driving divergent. The special physiological structure makes females vulnerable to bacterial contamination, so requirement for material of skin layer is highly demanding. Non-woven is used in this product and after sterilization, infection and red prickly heat can be avoided. Of course, timely changing of absorbent pad is necessary to keep skin dry and clean and hands should be washed thoroughly before changing.

Detailed Specifications
Model Size Total Weight(gram) Qty/pcs Package Detail
LINE02 4" x 11 "( 10 x 28 cm) 25g/4SAP 250 pcs 25 pcs/bg x 10 bgs

YuanChang is a China-based absorbent pad manufacturer and supplier. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including absorbent liner pad, incontinence underpad, disposable cat pad, dental headrest cover and disposable puppy pad, etc.

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