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No matter at home or in hospital, no matter pregnant women or elderly people, adult disposable underpad can offer great convenience. There are four types of this product, medical type, hospital type, absorbent type with super absorption capacity and incontinence type with specific application.

These four products are all composed of three layers, including skin layer, intermediate layer and bottom layer. Soft cotton non-woven is used in skin layer and its superior instant absorbing ability makes the contact surface dry and comfortable. For bottom layer, PP or PE membrane is used to avoid clothing and bedding contaminated by infiltration of urine and other body fluids, which helps reduce the washing workload of health care workers and family members. Whereas there are a couple of materials for intermediate layer, such as dust-free paper, sanitary paper and fluff pulp and sanitary paper combination. Sanitary paper is adopted in hospital disposable underpad, an economical product newly-developed by our company. Because its price is lower than the other three products, it is regarded as priority for material purchasing of hospital.

There are many characteristic of adult disposable underpad. In the first place, it is easy to use, environmentally-friendly and hygienic. Secondly, if PP is adopted in bottom layer, this product can be sterilized at 140 ℃, making it more suitable for operation.

YuanChang is a specialized adult disposable underpad manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including medical disposable underpad, incontinence underpad, disposable cat pad and absorbent liner, etc.

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