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Incontinence Underpad

Fluff pulp and two layers of sanitary paper are used in intermediate layer of incontinence underpad. For thicken-type, superabsorbent polymer is used as well to avoid leakage by super water absorbing& locking ability. As well as that, this product can absorb urine and other body fluids for multiple times, making the surface dry. In addition, excrement can be quickly absorbed and unpleasant odors can be rapidly cleaned to maintain air clean. Backside glue is adopted on two sides of the product so it can be firmly fixed.

Absorption capacity and speed are two judging factors for incontinence underpad. In our product, thickened intermediate layer is adopted to absorb large volume urine and other body fluids. As well as that, raw material should be stable and resistant to physical and chemical reactions. As a result, skin irritation can be reduced to prevent additional pain to the patient.

As a China-based incontinence underpad manufacturer and supplier, YuanChang offers a broad range of products that includes medical disposable underpad, disposable cat pad, absorbent pad and obstetrical pad, etc.

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